9. Sand

Got to admit, Sand? Really? Beige, Brown, Tan, they all mean the same things and I was totally not impressed with this color. But then this amazing thing happened.

I started to really, really like it.

Sand has a surprising warmth too it that lends well to Monochromatic schemes without looking like Violet Beauregarde.

Instead of doing Outfits inspired by… for this color I chose Style: Basics. Things that everyone needs in their wardrobe.

Yes, make up is in there, too!

And for Home, well, I’ll just say that if I could, the whole room would be mine.

That couch was the jumping point. Yes I know it is a bit more ‘Camel’ than ‘Sand’, but I bet if feels like butter. So smooth…

Almost to the end of our color journey together. Just one more to go!

Other Colors in the Series

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1. Dazzling Blue

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