Our mission is to unite two sisters, separated by thousands of miles, in all things crafty and fun. We hope to fill this corner of the world with design, make up, crafty things and most of all: things that we enjoy. Lauren and I hope that you find what we do fun and stick around as we chronicle our lives and thoughts!

Animals Advocate. Craft Crazy. Food Fanatic. Party Planner.

I am so happy you landed on our page! I hope during your stay here you learn something new, or see something that inspires you. I’m all about sharing creative tips and tricks with friends and family so I thought I would bring that energy to the digital world and share my ideas with you. Join me on a journey through  my life in all things creative!

Find me! I want to e-meet you!



Design nerd looking for glitter in all the wrong places. I love all things ironic and contrasting. I hope you can find something to enjoy on this little corner of the web. 


4 Responses to About

  1. The tortilla soup is making me hungry..I made your popcorn balls yummy!!!

  2. girlychristina says:

    Hi! I love your blog and the idea behind it that unites you and your sister ❤ I love beauty products so I will be checking out your reviews! =)


  3. Love your blog- such a great idea!! Glad I’m following!!

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