I was so excited to open the mailbox a couple weeks ago and noticed a little black box! I had no idea I had been chosen for the infamous YSL VoxBox. (Some how or another the email for the tracking number went to my Spam folder!). I was beyond giddy. So much so that I opened the box (without knowing I had to film it for one of the tasks). Oh well. I am still pumped about my first luxury mascara brand product.*

Let me tell you…

I love the fact that this mascara smells good. Is that weird? Like… It’s almost perfume! That gets points from me!
The formula is thin and grabs at eyelashes from root to tip, giving length.
The packaging is superb and what you would expect from a luxury brand. The OCD in me loves that the YSL logo lines up everytime you close it.
The B-5 vitamins make my lashes feel soft at the end of the day after taking off my makeup.
It’s not a chore to come off.

If you’re looking for a thickening formula be prepared to layer multiple coats on. For my lashes it took 2-3 applications to get the amount of thickness I wanted.
It is not waterproof. I’ve been emotional a lot lately (long story) and it hasn’t quite held up to tears.
Because it’s not waterproof after 5+ hours of wear my lashes tend to droop.

Overall Impression:
If you are looking for a mascara that A) doesn’t smell like burnt rubber and B) coats your lashes from root to tip without much fuss, then please run out and grab this mascara! It will not let you down.

You can find it at places like Sephora and Nordstrom.

Influenster Description:
The most emblematic “false lash effect” volume mascara, now with an all new Lash Care formula. Its secret is the Triple-Intensity Formula: intense volume, intense color and now intense care. The nylon fiber brush coats each lash in deep color and maximum volume from root to tip, while B5 Pro-Vitamin strengthens and protects lashes.

* I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. You can check out my profile here: Influenster.com

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Easy ways to Incorporate Marsala

If you’re in the blogging world I’m sure you’ve heard by now the Pantone color of the year is Marsala!

These Marc Jacobs sunglasses aren’t the most cost effective way to incorporate the color of the year, but aren’t they adorable? Finding a tinted lens in cheaper alternative options are OK too! Cheaper alternatives for some Marsala shades could include some fun aviators for this summer with a tinted lens. Like these from Target ($16.99 – much better!)

The Nine West Gushing Mary Jane Pumps are a super cute find from Macy’s. There are still some in stock if you’re a 10.5!

If you’d rather keep your feet in other colors and play up the color in your wardrobe look into getting a skirt. Pink Ice offers this really fun and flirty skater skirt that will look great this summer. Forever 21 also has a pleather skirt if you want to hurry into the Marsala style and rock it this winter/spring.

Jewelry and accessories are among some of the easiest ways to sneak in the Pantone color of the year. The necklace in the picture above is from a European website Toast, but there are US options as well. I would be crazy if I didn’t recommend stopping by my favorite place Charming Charlie. They have this beautiful wine/Marsala inspired statement necklace. Only $18.00 here!

One of the easiest ways to incorporate the color Marsala is on your nails. Essie’s “in stitches” is a perfect match for the earthy tones of Marsala, and at a price point of $8.50 (or less if on sale!) you can’t go wrong!

I hope you’ve found some easy ways to incorporate Marsala into your wardrobe and fashion choice for 2015. How will you be incorporating Marsala?

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#FrostyVoxBox – Closer Look – Celestial Candy Cane Lane Green Tea

I received this Celestial Tea Candy Cane Lane sample complimentary courtesy of Influenster to review for you! I will be up front and honest. This sample has two negatives against it for me already. 1) I’m not a huge hot tea person. 2) I don’t like peppermint… I knowwww. I can hear you from here. Sorry, not sorry.

I just have not found the right tea to give me the warm fuzzies. I DO however live in the South… and (whether or not I’m proud to admit it) I’ve become a fan of sweet tea. I decided to give this tea a chance tonight…

To me it smells exactly like it’s name sake –  a candy cane. I might be crazy, but are their pieces of candy cane in here? You tell me! It says decaffeinated and I believe it! Something about drinking a warm tea at night just screams sleepy time to me.  It was very calming to drink and smell while writing this review.

Admittedly not something I would grab for everyday, but some night when I have sore throat I can imagine myself grabbing the other sample pack of this to try.

Are you a tea drinker? Were you always? What can I do to like tea more?! Hope you’re having a great night.

“Keep Calm and Make Tea”

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