SlimFast VoxBox #ItsYourThing

I’m not usually one for fad diets so when Influenster sent me the notification I was getting the SlimFast VoxBox I wasn’t super thrilled.

Let me tell you I’m glad I got to try it. I was honestly impressed that the snacks they sent not only tasted good but held me over for a good while. I kept reaching in the bag expecting to run out of cinnamon bun crisps but I surprisingly had more than enough to eat.

I’m admittedly not one for having just a shake for a meal. I suppose I miss the act of chewing and getting different flavors with my meal.

The shake was pretty smooth but didn’t last me as long as I wanted it too. 

I would strongly recommend the snacks for those looking for a healthier alternative for between meals. If you’re like me and need different textures during your meal it might be hard to have just a shake but the taste alone is pretty good!

Thank you Influenster for giving me these SlimFast products to test out. These opinions are honest and completely my own in exchange for free products to test for review!


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Influenster: My K-Cup Review

Hey there folks! Coming at you with another review from the lovely people at Influenster! This time they sent me an accessory to an item they gave me about a year ago. Lo and behold, on my porch did appear, a Keurig 2.0 brewer! I don’t even remember filling out a survey, so it was most definitely a pleasant surprise.

I was pretty bummed because while I rarely do my own coffee, the fact that the option wasn’t out just made me want it more. And when Fall came around and the Pumpkin Spice coffee from Trader Joe’s was being brewed… That aroma was excellent.


So that being said, I was really glad to see that they came out with a 2.0 compatible My K Cup! It is a lot easier to handle then the one I had for the Keurig Mini. But be careful! Even though it has a convenient handle, the plastic is still very warm! The locking lid seals really tight (yay!) but hard to remove if wet.


My personal setting is 4, 10 oz and strong. I add about 2 oz give or take of cream and it fits perfectly in my travel mugs for class!

Luckily dad has a coffee ground trash can, so the mess of dumping was pretty self contained.

Influenster also sent me a bag of Green Mountain Breakfast Blend. I can’t wait to open it. I view coffee bags like make up. First in First Out. So I got a bit before I can get into it, but I am sure it will be delish.


My mornings are so much better now!

**Influenster sent this to me for free for my consideration. All thoughts and opinions are my own. The product speaks for itself.**


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Influenster Review: Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Review

**Influenster has sent this product to me free of charge and for testing purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own.**

While summer is winding down, and with it the mass amount of weddings/outdoor activities, some of you may have a few last activities to go to. And I have the perfect thing.

This little beauty here:

I received mine in Light

I am sure you have seen this in stores and been like. ‘ehhh, no thanks.’ And I was in the same boat. Until now.


Bare Legs – No Product

Close your eyes, they blind you, I know!

I had no occasion to require tanner legs, but I figured that the world might be a better place if I did.

I didn’t read directions, because I figured it is a lotion. Rub it in.

Such Persice Application

Such Precise Application

Holy Orange Batman. I will admit I kind of cringed when it came out of the tube. How is this going to look on? And in the time it took for my to cap the lotion, pull out my camera, take this picture and put the camera down, the product had almost dried! I got a little bit of coconut oil on my palm and that helped move the product around easier. So if you use this WORK FAST.

Orange Palm...

Orange Palm…

Not too bad staining on one palm on one leg. Bonus: Since this isn’t actually staining the skin, you can just wash your hands with soap and water and it wont leave any residue behind or weird staining.

Product on Left Leg. Right Leg still Bare.

Product on Left Leg. Right Leg still Bare.

Have to say I was surprised. It didn’t look bad at all!

Smoothing Out Veins

Smoothing Out Veins

One of its claims was that it would cover veins. If it can cover my spider veins I would have been mighty impressed. As it stands it did a great job ‘air brushing’ my skin in general. So veins did appear less noticeable.

Both Legs Complete!

Both Legs Complete!

And both legs covered! It soaked into skin so fast that it just felt like skin. Didn’t feel like a lotion or anything sitting on top of the skin. Even sweating behind the knees while I was in the car driving, didn’t budge. I actually came home late last night, forgot it was on, and went to bed in my WHITE sheets. No noticeable orange spots on those either!

Would I get this again? Yes! BUT I would much rather try out the spray version. Might save the instant dry time dot issue.

Hope this helps some of you decided if you should purchase a product like this. A one night tan is perfect for special occasions. And remember, the ONLY safe tan is a FAKE tan!

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