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High End Make Up Look (and a haul!)

So I have finally stepped into the ‘big girl’ word of high end eye shadows. And by high end I’m talking not from the drugstore/Walmart/Target. Our BX (Base Exchange) was having a sale on all high end brands of make … Continue reading

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Sephora Natural Instincts Palette Review

I’ve had this palette for a long time. Probably going on two years? It was the first piece of Sephora branded makeup I bought with some birthday money. I used it for a bit when I first got it, but … Continue reading

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[Inspiration] Their Way/My Way

Have you ever been so inspired by something that you had to recreate it. Right then, RIGHT NOW? Because that is how I felt with this image I found through Pinterest:   Of course Emily Henderson created it. It’s no … Continue reading

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