7. Placid Blue

For the 7th installment of Pantone’s Colors for Spring 2014, we have Placid Blue. Don’t let the name fool you, this color can pack a punch! I think the ‘pastel’ quality of the color lends itself wonderfully as a transition color from Winter to Spring. It makes me thing of clear skies and lush meadows but also icicles and crisp cold air! The color also works well on all skin tones, though it can turn “baby boy blue” really fast if you’re not careful.

How wonderful is that dyed cowhide rug? The pretty blue door works well with the Winter decor, switch it out for a green wreath and pretty potted flowers and you have a spring setting!

If you can’t tell already, I am obsessed with gold. Obsessed. I used to really, really dislike it and I would always go for the silver jewels, but it brings such warmth to my complection. In short: I love it. This outfit, I think, is a great office look. Not to fussy, but still looking pulled together.

Oh spring, how you make me feel young again. The perfect Spring Date look. Would be really cute for a fair! Do other states have spring fairs? Here in Arizona we do because it is the only time before it gets too hot to go outside! My favorite piece is the skirt, you can go with so many different colored tops depending on your mood!

No Beauty Post as most blue eyeshadow looks a little too 80’s for me, though it is making a comeback! Nail color is showing up a lot too!

Now that I have made this board, I really want some of this color in my closet now!

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