Saturday Recap

Saturdays have turned into Raleigh Date Days. We like to get out of our smaller town and go to the big city. Everything we need is within a 15 minute drive while we are there! My sister recently told she and our parents went to Souplantation for lunch. Obviously, and unfortunately, I couldn’t be with them, so I asked JP if he would go with me to our local Sweet Tomatoes (same franchise, just different name).

Food was delicious and in a small way I felt like I was there with my family!

JP had some issues with his credit card due to the whole Target fiasco. ūüė¶ Nothing happened to us, but we’re still waiting on a new card! Frustrating as it is, he didn’t even find anything he wanted to buy yesterday anyways. It was still fun being his sugar momma and paying for lunch ūüėČ

I did buy some other things. Now, you may not know, but I have vowed to not buy anymore clothes (exception: running clothes.. Exciting News!!! I’ll explain soon) until my credit card is paid off! We are still making payments from our wedding last June and I want to get rid of it as soon as possible!

I wanted to decorate the guest room in hopes that eventually it will be staged as a nice backdrop for my YouTube videos (what very little I’ve done, but it’s getting better!). Here are my finds from Pier 1 Imports (the lantern) and World Market (everything else).

Cute right?! I’m hoping to get a nice table runner for the dresser and some pretty lights to hang around the mirror and I think I’ll be ready. Kandee Johnson inspired me with her collection on her dresser/armoir, but I just really love this color teal and the different shades. This whole collection probably cost me $40 when it was said and done. I got some good deals!

Another pet peeve of mine is how disorganized makeup can be! I had been struggling with how to keep my makeup easily accessible yet neatly organized. I love the way the acrylic makeup cases look but I didn’t love the price. Of course the ones I want are over $60. While looking for some moisturizer at TJ Maxx, JP found these makeup trays for a fraction of the price! Score! I paid $30 for both of these. It holds almost all my makeup and it’s neater than just being strung out over the counter.

Valentine’s Day is coming up in less than a week! Are you ready? Check out our Valentine’s Day Outfit blog post for cute outfit inspiration. I think I’ve narrowed down what I’m going to wear but I didn’t have a necklace that I wanted to wear. I guess that means a stop to Charming Charlie’s! I was so close to Charming Charlie’s after being at World Market that I HAD to look. I was glad I did! I hit up the clearance section and scored these beauties for under $40. These are 5 necklaces I snagged and took home with me. I picked out the two purple ones because of Pantone’s Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid. Check out the rest of the colors happening in Spring 2014.

These links go to our other posts about the Pantone Spring 2014 collection
10. Hemlock 9. Sand 8. Paloma 7. Placid Blue 6. Cayanne 5. Fressia 4. Celosia Orange 3. Radiant Orchid 2. Violet Tulip 1. Dazzling Blue

We then stopped by Trader Joe’s and got a few of our favorite staple foods for the coming weeks and tried not to pass out from a food coma on the way home.

I hope you’re having a relaxing weekend and if you went out shopping scored some deals! Most of these photos I shared are from my Instagram feed! If you want to follow me on Instagram my name is: OnlyOneLoLo. Hope to see you there!

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