8. Paloma

Look, I’ll be honest here. I hadn’t even heard of the color name Paloma until this Pantone Spring 2014 color event. Which is good I guess! I learned something new! This color could go two different ways in my opinion. Metallic and Matte.  Below I highlight both. But first, I wanted to show the color of Pantone’s Spring 2014 collection Paloma as dresses. Casual and Dressy… Slate/Silver  in color. It pairs well with dark grey, black, navy blue.
Look below and see if something inspires you!
The below look is comprised of everything from Old Navy stores. I don’t have the luxury of tons of places to shop in this small town. Old Navy has great staples that won’t hurt your budget!
These aren’t from Old Navy, but they’re all ridiculously cute! Can’t wait until my hair grows out again so I can style it like the pic below. On a side note: Does anyone know where you can buy this sweatshirt?! I see it pinned and linked everywhere but nowhere to actually buy it!
A few of my favorites:
INTRO Pushboy Trash Can by Blomus
I’m sort of impressed that the chandelier/light fixture is only $199! I’ve seen things similar to that at Crate and Barrel for $499+.
Only two more colors left in the Pantone Spring 2014 color series. Are you enjoying these colors? What should we review next??
See the other colors by scrolling down, or clicking the links below:
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