1. Dazzling Blue

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, Pantone has released their color of the year: Radiant Orchid. Along with that, they also released the top colors for Spring 2014. It is a lovely mix of vibrant hues and softer pastels that we are used to for spring.
Lauren and I are taking 5 of the colors and doing some mood boards with them. To start, I have Dazzling Blue, or TARDIS Blue, as I like to think. I went with a pretty glam look with this color, but the starting point was obviously the dress!
Some art pieces that feature the color. I am especially fond of those swans!
And some Home Decor. That chair is to DIE for. Love Love Love Love LOVE it! But of course it is super expensive. It just means I have fantastic taste, no?
That’s all for this installment of Pantone’s Spring colors. I love the bright navy color, personally. I am looking forward to the rest of these boards. They were so fun to put together! Lauren’s up next!
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7 Responses to 1. Dazzling Blue

  1. brandihart says:

    I’m loving the blue! I can’t wait to paint my nails this color 🙂

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