2. Violet Tulip

2. Violet Tulip

Pantone’s second color for Spring 2014.

I decided to take a few different directions with this color. A professional look, a casual look, and home accents look. I hope you find something to inspire you. Don’t forget to follow us while we take on more of Pantone’s Spring 2014 collection!

Shop this Look

Floral 16x16 Pillow, Lavender
Floral 16×16 Pillow, Lavender
$100 – 61% off! $39
Camden Collection Suzani Tile Lavender 10'x13' Area Rug (V4571)
Camden Collection Suzani Tile Lavender 10’x13′ Area Rug (V4571)
$2,425 (Okay maybe not… but it’s pretty!)
Laguna 20x20 Jute Pillow, Purple
Laguna 20×20 Jute Pillow, Purple
$120 – 50% off! $59
Yorktown 10" Candlestick, Amethyst
Yorktown 10″ Candlestick, Amethyst
$60 – 58% off! $25
Did we get something on your shopping list?? I might have to get something like that candle. I am obsessed with candlesticks right now!
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