5. Fressia

And we are half way there! For the fifth color in Pantone’s Spring 2014 line, the color Fressia was chosen. A bright, spring, sunshine color. As much as this color is great in the spring, not a lot of people like yellow! It’s a difficult color for most anyone to pull off in its full saturations, but pale yellows and mustards are great too!
The one in the bottom left corner is calling to me. It would be a great DIY project too!
How cute is the Pantone Planter!? The light fixture would also be great in a kids room or a laundry to cheer the place up!
I think this is a great ‘spring’ look! My favorite piece? The Michael Kors bag. I don’t really wear purses but when I saw that one I gasped! A fun, casual look for walking around the park.
So what do you think of this color? I am rather indifferent to it. Not really something I would put in my closet (I think I have 1 mustard-y shirt) nor in my house (my curtains contain a bit of yellow in them).
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