A Kichen Update

So you know how most people impulse buy like, clothes and candy, well apparently Christian and I impulse tear our kitchen apart.

I know, just a little different.

And it wasn’t really impulse, we were lazing about watching House Hunters: Renovations (which is this a new HGTV show? Because this is so up our alley) and talking about our plans for the up coming trip to Lowe’s this weekend to get some wood for the kitchen cabinet uppers. I had started to browse Pinterest and Houzz because Christian is better with pictures then words, and I stumbled upon this picture.

From the lovely Ashley at Domestic Imperfection

We had originally planned to create glass front upper cabinets to go all the way up to the ceiling, and were fully prepared to complete the task but then this picture shows up. And throws us off the game plan. With our life style, having the display cabinets would really be just for displaying. No other functions would come out of it. With the shelving, having easy, everyday items on hand is well, handy for us. I think Christian and I go in and out of the ‘dishes’ cabinet at least 4 times a day. And the cup cabinet see much more action then that. I know that floating shelves are not for everyone, and hello, dusting the shelves might get a bit tedious, but with those daily items moving a lot it shouldn’t be so bad.

We started off on the end cabinet just too see if this was going to be worth the effort.

cabinet after taking the trim work off the top

Oh the shame. So much junk in there.

And for anyone attempting these type of projects, the correct safety gear is always important.

After clearing out the cabinet and then taking the doors off (all labeled as well) I went into the garage and got some wooden braces in case these cabinets decided to get a little squirrly with us.

After unscrewing all the screws attaching it to the wall and the other cabinet it was still stuck to the wall. Christian kept asking me if they glue cabinets and I wanted to say no, but this guy was still standing.

It ended up being that the upper cleat on the back of the cabinet had been glued down to the wall. We had to get a putty knife and pry it away for the cabinet to be free.

Oh well, it will be covered with the cabinet.

For this first go around I had Christian re attach the cabinets so that they were flush with the ceiling.

But it just seems a little too tall.

And that’s where we called it quits for the day. I think I will decide to move the cabinets about 6 inches down from the ceiling. Its something to get used too as all I can think about is, ‘but the glasses are going to be so tall’, forgetting that I will have a shelf down below. More shall continue in these upcoming weeks. As a final shot, does anyone else only notice the amount of stuff you accumulate only when its all out of the cabinet? Look how many spice rubs I had….LOOOK

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4 Responses to A Kichen Update

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  2. I can see where this is going! What a great idea. I don’t think that the shelf will accumulate that much dust because it hides under the cabinets. Looking forward to the next posting.

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