Like a Turtle Through Peanut Butter

Slowly, but we will get there.

a.k.a We finally started painting the frames and doors!

Last I checked in I was still in the priming stage and also suffering from a head cold. I still got the head cold but at least we moved onto painting!

I was going to get the Benjamin Moore Advanced paint in Swiss Coffee, but none of the local retailers had the Advanced base. I ended up going into Lowe’s and they had a new-to-me line from Valspar called Reserve:

Its key features were what drew me in:

  • Better Color Matching
  • Superior Scrubbaility
  • Stain-Blocking, Low-VOCs
  • Built in Primer with One Coat Coverage
  • Mildew Resistant

So I decided why not and at $50 per gallon it was a few bucks less then the BM paint would be. I had the paint counter color match to Swiss Coffee and away we went with paint in hand. Why Swiss Coffee? It is the same paint color as our walls, a nice milky off white, so I knew it would look great. Other good options: BM White Dove, BM Ivory White, and really any of these recommendations.

Funny story: I saw a picture somewhere of this car accident and the people inside were covered with paint. It looked like they had 5-gallons of paint in their backseat, got rear ended and the whole interior (and them!) was covered in paint. Christian was extra careful driving home that’s for sure.

We started painting the frames with super thin coats before we started on the doors so I could see if I liked what the paint hardened too.

Guess what? I did.

After the first coat of paint and letting it dry for 2 days, I was purposely dragging my nail through it to see if it would dent or scratch or peel off. Glad to say that no harm was given to my cabinets and it gave us the green light for the rest of the coats. Always read your can for drying times. Ours said wait 4 hours for re-coating. We ended up waiting about 3 days due to work obligations.

Second coat went up and then the third, and last, coat.

The plastic sheeting can come off now! I have a counter to cook on again!

Now to the doors!

I started out by just getting the doors from cabinets 1 and 2. Sanded, cleaned and ready for primer.

One coat of primer and then starting the first coat of paint. I cut in using a 2 1/2″ angled Purdy brush around the perimeter of the door and the Christian followed behind me with the roller.

So smooth looking! With just one thin coat, too!

Pro Tip: Always work in a well ventilated area! I hope you all would know that, but even with low-VOCs you still don’t want to be breathing it in long term! While sanding and painting I had a mask on to filter the smells and I still ended up with a slight headache at the end of the day. Though I am sure the wind and this lingering head cold didn’t help, but make sure you are protecting yourself!

We just started working on the doors yesterday and due to limited garage space (that’s on the to-do list too!) we are working in sections. Paint one side of doors, wait a day, flip and repeat. Thankfully we only have 9 door fronts to do so this process should be over in, oh, another week? Maybe more if our schedules don’t line up.

Also, we are looking at getting the shelf made up here in the next week too. Hoping that the God’s align our schedules and we both will have off Wednesday so we can go bracket and shelving shopping. Both of us are on the ‘rustic’ shelf look versus something sleek and modern. Hopefully will have an update for you with what we figure out in the next few days.

Want to follow this adventure? All posts will be under the ‘Kitchen Makeover’ tag, but here is a quick run down.

Part One, Part Two, Part Three

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2 Responses to Like a Turtle Through Peanut Butter

  1. Kris says:

    Looking good. This plan is happening

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