I Lift You Up

Cabinets that is.

All four of them.

I know your thinking, ‘Stephanie only four cabinets? That’s not so bad!’ But let me tell you friends, you know when you have to change a light bulb and you can’t see it, so your arm is hanging in the air for a few minutes and it starts to get sore. It’s kinda like that but holding a 20+ pound cabinet overhead while trying to maintain levelness and evenness. Good think I skipped arm day at the gym the day before because man, my arms got a work out for sure.

Anyways, Day 2

As we left of with just one cabinet placed to the ceiling I had a) noticed it was far too high and b) the end of the cabinet would be above the microwave top I asked Christian to move the next cabinet down a bit just so I could see how it looked.

You can kind of see that the bottom of the cabinet would have been taller than the microwave here. Here Christian is prying the glued cleat free from the wall so we could simply scoot the cabinet up the wall until I found a position that I liked.

It’s hard to tell from this angle, but the bottom of the cabinet is about 1 1/2″ below the microwave. At this height it gave us enough for a shelf and still meet the 18″ clearance needed. This stage I lovingly called ‘contemporary kitchen’ with all these staggered cabinets.

Rinse. Repeat.

But the next box gave us pause; originally we were going to do as the picture did, rip out that cabinet and just add some shelving pieces. I knew that the outlet for the microwave was up there but beyond that, I wasn’t sure whether or not the microwave was attached to just the wall or wall and cabinet.

whomp. whomp.

Now, I am not a structural engineer, but those bolts looked like they were supporting the microwave. And we were not going to mess with it. So we brainstormed and decided to leave that cabinet there, add a shelf up top to bridge the two sides and use it for a bit of open storage.

Anyone else keep their tea/coffee/drink mixes above the microwave?

Because I am pretty sure I need Tea Drinkers Anonymous.

And we continued, two more cabinets on the other side of the microwave.

See that line from the shadow? That is going to be the rough whereabouts of the shelf. maybe a smidge bit lower. That last cabinet tricked us though. It was not glued down to the wall, so the first wiggle, it came falling down. Luckily, we caught it before is smashed to the counter tops (or our fingers and toes), but there is a small gauge in the wall that we will have to fill.

And here they are all moved up.



Ahhh, already there is a lot more light to get to the counters. Still feels a bit weird, but I know thats because I got glassware everywhere and no shelves to put them on. Over night I put all the breakables back into the cabinets, but my cats are cats. And know things over in the night. Rude.

Next on the agenda is filling in 2 holes with some wood filler, and then I get to start prepping the boxes for paint. Weekday stuff is going to have to be on me due to Christians work, but weekends is when the real turbo work begins.

What about you guys? Any big projects getting worked on? In the works? I’d love to know!

Visit Day 1 


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3 Responses to I Lift You Up

  1. It’s beginning to look like your inspiration photo!!

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