Sanding and Prime Time!

Who else is excited for primer? I  know I am!

After filling the holes with wood filler, it was time to sand down the boxes and wipe them clean. Again. Can you sense a theme here?

Excuse these pictures, they were taken at night because we went to go see Spiderman (amazing!!) and when we got home we were pretty tired still. Odd ball shifts caught up with us and we just were lazy all day.

First we had to prep the area for imminent sawdust action.

We purchased some plastic sheeting and some painters tape and then we taped  it up along the wall and above the outlets.

Once everything was prepped the sanding could start. I had started sanding the bottoms of the face frames with 80 grit sand paper that was meant for the palm sander going with the grain of the veneer. I like using my hands a lot more for projects like this. While it is much more taxing on the body, I feel like I have more control over how much I am sanding. Also, using the type of sandpaper meant for a palm sander meant that it didn’t get friction hot on my fingers. Christian followed behind me with 80 git in the palm sander along the top.

A wipe down with Method Cleaner to remove residue and a quick sweep with a Magic Eraser and we were good to go onto primer.

We used Zinsser 1-2-3 primer because that’s what I had in the garage from a previous project.

Don’t forget those sides of the cabinets!

The primer went on quick and dried really quickly. The next day I lightly sanded with a 300 grit and then wiped the boxes down. Christian and I both caught a bit of a head cold/congestion right after this part and the gusting winds we have been having are not helping at all. I am still coughing myself awake at night even with liberal doses of NyQuil.





Though the counters are just as messy!

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

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2 Responses to Sanding and Prime Time!

  1. Take care. Looking better every day!

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