Refinishing the Kitchen

My house is a relatively new build. We were the first to own it and we got to pick out everything we wanted on the inside. The only thing it was lacking was the option for a white kitchen. Now, I know it seems silly to want a white kitchen so bad, but after living with one for 10 years as a child its kind of ingrained into me. So I sat on it and waited, just to make sure that it was what I wanted.

Some days I really did like the wood cabinets. It does give a certain warmth to the room. But other days, especially during the day, it can feel cave like to me even with the windows open. This is not my forever home, and I was going to let go of my white kitchen dream when suddenly, Christian mentioned white cabinets. I looked at him. He looked at me. And it was decided.

I have seen Young House Love‘s Kitchen redo in which they painted their cabinets white. Loads of other bloggers too.

Bower Power


My plan is actually multiphased. See, we have this emptiness above the cabinets. First I though about raising them all to the celing and then puting a shelf on the bottom for everyday items.

But then I really wanted these glass fronts:

This was one of the first things I pinned to my Kitchen and Dining board 2 years ago!

I don’t even need the extra storage, but I think they look lovely. I don’t think I have anything to display either, I mean, I just got ‘big girl’ dishes! Read: Not Corelle!

So here is my listy-listersons:

1.Construct/find glass front cabinet uppers

2.Paint Uppers all one color. Swiss Coffee is the safe bet, but I’ll probably go straight of the shelf for future touch ups.

3. Decide if I want to paint the base cabinets white? Aqua? Navy? Charcoal?

4. Fix toekick.

5. Change out faucet for something pretty.

6. Paint walls for now. (faux finish nook wall?)

That’s the starting plan here. I already have gotten 2/6 cabinets needed for the uppers. This is going to be super exciting, I can’t wait to really get in to it this holiday weekend. I have 4 days off!!


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4 Responses to Refinishing the Kitchen

  1. moneyortime says:

    I just painted mine white. With some good primer and a lot of drying time, it is actually a really easy job. We also changed all of the hinges and hardware. I took off my top cabinet doors and had them cut in the middle and glass put in (way cheaper then buying new) I used a “Sweet mint” white in satin finish, and they are very soft looking, but still brighten up the room! Good luck, I look forward to seeing your transformation! Here is mine –

  2. Mike Knoche says:

    So which one is yours?

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