My Favorite Things: November

Its time for another round of My Favorite Things, the November edition!

I like to show you guys what has been on my mind a lot this past month. Beauty, geek, music, it all makes an appearance!

1. Gevalia Caramel Macchiato K-Cups. These are awesome. Our father, who is an avid coffee drinker, brought these while they were staying out here. And holy moly are they good. It is a two-step process in which you pour a packet of ‘milk froth’ into your cup before it brews and what comes out is beautiful frothy milk. I add a little whipped cream on top. Nom Nom Nom!

2. November Weather. Why is it not pictures of leaves turning? 1: There are not trees in Arizona 2. Partly sunny and 75 degrees has been the norm the past few weeks. Early November it was still in the upper 80s! Now is the time to do outdoor activities so your don’t die in the heat!

3. Suave Sleek Shampoo & Conditioner I have never believed that using the same brand for shampoo and conditioner ever worked. Boy, was I wrong! I finally ran out of BOTH products at the same time and decided to go for something new. This stuff is awesome, smells like coconut while not my favorite, it doesn’t linger on. But my hair is so smooth. Even when it is in its natural curly state I am getting few flyways and less frizz. Can’t complain about that!

4. Christmas Music. I know, I know. BUT I only really enjoy it when it firsts comes out and then by December I am over it. It amazes me that even though we hear these tunes once a year, I still know the words to all the classics. The local ‘smooth jazz’ station becomes the Christmas music channel after Halloween, so I have had that on in the car since.

Well that’s some of my favorite things this month. No new makeup items to report as I haven’t bought anything new in quite a while. Maybe a Target Haul is coming up….

Got any favorites this month? Hate Christmas music? Any Black Friday shoppers? I work ‘retail’ but I got that day off! Amazing!


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