[Lists] 20 Under $20: Office

Back to school has already arrived/will arrive shortly! I am sure a lot of parents are rejoicing about not having to hear ‘feed me!’ or ‘i’m bored’ all day! While BTS is in full swing at retailers, is a great time to get your office space looking neat and clean too! Here are my top finds for the Office, all under $20:










And my splurge, though its not too much over:

Most of these items can go together well! I guess I just have a hankering for gold and glam. Does anyone else want all their supplies to look pretty? I want all my staples, paper clips, brads, ect. ect. to all match so that way if it looks all scattered over my desk, its still pretty!

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Rose Hip Oil

I was watching a YouTube video by the lovely Macshadowcombos and was intrigued by a item in her face routine. Her review was glowing. If you would like to see it you can go to this link to the spot where she talks about it. (Watch the rest of the videos though!!) The product in particular was Rose Hip Oil. I thought it would be neat to try out and kept the idea in the back of my mind. But…when wandering around TJ Maxx this last weekend for a new water thermos for work I found myself stumbling through the skin care isle…. Y’know. Just had to check.

Low and behold on a little shelf on the bottom of the rack sat different essential oils. Like a sign one of which, Rose Hip Oil. I remember Z’s helpful tip of making sure that the Rose Hip Oil was actually extracted from the plant itself and not created in a lab. It said “organic” on the bottle so I felt a little better but not exactly confident. Sukin was the name of the company. I did a quick google search on my phone (love smart phones for shopping!), and was happy to see lots of positive reviews. I stumbled across Amazon to check the price (I’m a frugal shopper!) and their price for the same bottle was listed at $24.95 with prime. I looked at my bottle. $9.99! I thought that was a big enough savings to try it out.

I’ll be honest. I bought this without having any idea what Rose Hip was. I did some research after the fact. Supposedly Rose Hip can also be called Rose Haw and Rose Hep. The oil is made from the seeds of wild rose plants! (Rosa moschata or Rosa rubiginosa). They are praised for being high in the essential fatty acids: linoleic acid or omega-6, and linolenic acid or omega-3.

A little bit about Sukin: It’s an Australian based company that is certified in origin by BCS Ok Garantie, Germany. And the only ingredient listed is: Rosa Eglanteria (Rose Hip) Oil. I can tell you after just one night of use my face feels smoother and moisturized. I would highly recommend this product and I will give a more indepth review if you’re interested after I have used it for a while.

Check out their website here: http://www.sukinorganics.com/Product/Rose-Hip-Oil/6/Certified-Organic-Rose-Hip-Oil-25ml

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[Tips and Tricks] How to Move Your Life

So I am moving halfway cross the country. It is the largest move that I have made as an adult. I’m so very, very, lucky to have family that is able to support me in what I choose. Moving is a very stressful part of life, and I have gathered a few tips and tricks to make that transition easier!

1. START EARLY! What do I mean by this? If your say, apartment lease, is due soon and you know you don’t want to live there anymore start collecting supplies so its not as big as a monetary shock. I have known for 2 months that I was to be moving, so I started by packing the decor/non essentials up. Things that I knew I wouldn’t need over the next two months. As the final date gets closer and closer you can start packing the more important things. It is a lot easier to go little by little then having to mass pack at once!

2. SUPPLIES. Speaking of supplies, your basic move takes really a few supplies: Boxes, packing tape, and a sharpie. You could need exponentially more depending on your move. Luckily, my place of work gets shipments everyday so I would slowly bring home boxes of the size I needed. Small boxes for things like my make up and big boxes that I could squeeze pillows into. FYI: Go to any store and ask for their boxes! A lot of the times they are glad to get rid of some. Once I saw was a cart that said, ‘X customer moving, large boxes only. Pick up on X/XX’. This way you get free boxes and we free up space in the bailer! For myself, these are the supplies that I gathered:

  • Boxes from work
  • Sharpies galore
  • Packing Tape
  • Vacuum space bags for comforters and pillows.
  • Bubble Wrap and Wrapping paper

I have seen at UHAUL (Amazon too) the tape that says fragile, bedroom 1, kitchen….so on and so forth. Those would be great for a move that you have other people moving you. That way at your new place you can just put signs on the doors and the movers know right were to put stuff with out having to ask a million times. I really thought about getting the Fragile tape, but I think writing in big bold letters is enough.

3. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX…LITERALLY. Since I knew that most everything was going to be put in a Pod, I had to think about what actually I was going to need immediately and how I could take it with me. You know what nearly everyone has? LUGGAGE! USE IT! I have collected quite the mass about of luggage and each one is a theme. One piece is all the winter items I have, because lets face it, I needed about zero things in Arizona. Other suitcase is all technology: PC tower, laptops, various chargers. I have one that has all my heavy art supplies because hello, luggage has wheels! I also have utilized those plastic tubs. We had a few sitting around and I used them to hold odd shaped things, like Tupperware. Sidenote: is that like, cannibalism for Tupperware? Tupperware holding other Tupperware. I digress..

4. OPEN ME FIRST BOX. I can not stress this enough. Get a box, or two, or three and write OPEN ME FIRST across it. What it should contain is everything you might need to make it through the first night. Can’t survive with out your coffee? You better put the coffee pot in there. What I have in mine are:

  • toilet paper
  • paper products (plates, napkins, cups, towels)
  • Multi surface cleaner
  • a set of sheets for my bed
  • swiffer clothes for dusting
  • kitchen towels
  • Laundry/dish pacs. You know the ones that are self contained.
  • Before I leave, I’ll have a small bag of dog and cat food in the car.

This at least gets me past night one. I’ll have another suitcase (see point 3) that is my clothing ‘open first’ type. A few pairs of everything I need until I get my clothes unpacked.

5. CHANGE OF ADDRESS. All those magazines and mailers need to know where to go, and most publications need about 45 days to start printing your new address. Remember, forwarding your mail doesn’t last forever! Make a list of everything that might need your new address: Credit cards/Bank, insurance, gym membership. Speaking of that, notify any establishment that you need to cancel a membership. Some places need a full billing cycle in order to take effect.

6. IMPORTANT BOX. I have a small box, that I am going to take with me in my car. It has all your ‘important’ documents. Things like your passports, shot records, Social Security and birth certificates for each member of your family. Don’t forget the animals! Have shot records and up to date papers for them too! Make a check list as you put them in there so there is no panic towards the end!

7. DONATE. Donate, donate, donate! Seriously this is the perfect and best time to donate your stuff. Haven’t worn that dress since you unpacked it? DONATE. Have 10 colanders? DONATE! Not only could you be donating something that someone has been dying to have, you are freeing up precious space in your moving van! I used a lot of this to clear my mental state too! If I didn’t love it at first sight, if it didn’t make me happy- off to the donate pile. If it was something that I knew I would never use in my new place, you guessed it! Donate! I know my tax returns are going to be fabulous and I’m pretty sure I single handedly filled the Surprise Goodwill.

Those have been my main tips I have learned from this current move. I am sure that there are plenty others, what is your tip for moves? Long or short distances?



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