SlimFast VoxBox #ItsYourThing

I’m not usually one for fad diets so when Influenster sent me the notification I was getting the SlimFast VoxBox I wasn’t super thrilled.

Let me tell you I’m glad I got to try it. I was honestly impressed that the snacks they sent not only tasted good but held me over for a good while. I kept reaching in the bag expecting to run out of cinnamon bun crisps but I surprisingly had more than enough to eat.

I’m admittedly not one for having just a shake for a meal. I suppose I miss the act of chewing and getting different flavors with my meal.

The shake was pretty smooth but didn’t last me as long as I wanted it too. 

I would strongly recommend the snacks for those looking for a healthier alternative for between meals. If you’re like me and need different textures during your meal it might be hard to have just a shake but the taste alone is pretty good!

Thank you Influenster for giving me these SlimFast products to test out. These opinions are honest and completely my own in exchange for free products to test for review!


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