#FrostyVoxBox – Closer Look – Rimmel

I received the #FrostyVoxBox products complementary from Influenster for review. I wanted to highlight the Rimmel products provided from this FrostyVoxBox!

I love the Rimmel Gentle Eye Makeup Remover. This performs much better than a towelette version because I can be more precise. I use it on a regular cotton ball or super precision with a Q-Tip. My eyes do not sting and I cannot notice it lingering on my skin after using it. It might be the cotton balls I was using but I did notice I had to use a bit more product than my other makeup removers to get my whole eye makeup removed.

The Rimmel lipstick was surprising! I found it was a really good match for my natural lip color. A MLBB – “My Lips But Better”. Check out the picture I sent in to review on NYC’s Facebook Page. The left half was covered with the Sugar Plum and the right half my natural lip color with no product on it. Pretty close don’t you think???

Overall I am super impressed with the Rimmel Products I was provided to review (complementary from Influenster). The makeup remover would be something I would consider re-purchasing. The lipstick, while a nice shade, wouldn’t be something I would re-purchase. If they offered this in a Matte version I would be interested!

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