Tiling a Coffee Table Part 1

Hey guys!

So moving in with my parents has been Awesome these past few weeks. Capitol A awesome! But it has its downfall, like it isn’t my house so it is hard to post updates! We have a few projects lined up that my Mom has been wanting to tackle, and the first one up is tiling the back patio’s coffee table.

Initially it had a glass top, but due to the earthquakes that are now popping up through out Oklahoma, one quake was a bit more then it could handle and it shattered. It makes me laugh, because this table lived in California for at like 7 years, made the move to Oklahoma, and then breaks on a 4.0 quake. I guess it was just one too many!

So dad and I adventured out to Lowes. He knew he wanted slate tiles with smaller tiles on the border and bigger tiles in the middle. This was to match some table pieces that they currently own.

Can we just take a second at admire the compass rose??

This is the table we were fixing:

My dad had already cut a piece of wood to fill the spot and then he took some 1×2 underneath for bracing in the middle. Tile is heavy.

So what tiles did we pick?

The bigger tiles are 2×2’s while the littler tiles are a mixture of glass and slate.

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw a sneak peak of this tile!

Next step: Tiling! Had to wait for the construction glue to dry.


Bonus: I got a job today! AND scored the CUTEST, ‘ugly’ headboard. Like. Seriously adorable. Mom said I should have bought a lotto ticket because I was on a roll!

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