Makeup Geek Wishlist

Christmas decorations are starting to go up in the stores… so this means I can start dreaming right??? I’ve been a fan of Marlena ( and her YouTube videos for a long time. She’s been a motivator in my health lately with her diet tips and tricks. It takes a lot of guts to come out and admit you’re trying to get healthy and I applaud her for that. I’m doing the same thing to, but… let me show you some of her makeup!!

Purple Quads

I’m really loving a light purple smokey eye for fall. I’ve put together these four shades as a palette I’d like to put together someday. Clockwise from the top left corner (Galaxy, Prom Night, Bling, Sensuous)



For some reason I am SUPER hyped about bright colors also being in for fall. I am a huge fan of a seafoam green lid and dark blue eyeliner. Why? I don’t know why. Here’s the end result I am going for to give a visual on what I’m talking about:

Clockwise from the top left corner: (Nautica, Mermaid, Glass Slipper, Mercury)




If I were only to get one I know it would be Glass Slipper. I can’t find anything exactly like it. Check out her website for swatches.

What four Makeup Geek colors would you get?


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