Fall is Around the Corner

So the official first day of fall is technically September 23rd, but Starbucks’ officially released the Pumpkin Spice latte a month early…. So. It’s fall.

Fall is the time for comfy sweaters, warm apple cider, leggings, pumpkin anything, CrockPot recipes… the lists goes on. I wanted to share with you all some styles I plan on rocking this fall.

Don’t judge. (Because I don’t have a sense of style…)

Comfy Casual

Yes, I bought this. I said DON’T JUDGE. I have a black cat and I love him. This is going to be the best bonfire, lounging, errand running type of jacket. It’s super soft and comfy. I got this in a XXL in the Juniors section and it fits me perfectly. My sister recommended wearing a black beanie. I think this would be perfect with black jeans and some black combat boots. BOOM. Try it.

Mixed Metals


Mixed Metals are going to be big this fall. A shiny reflective shirt like this would be a great addiction to your fall wardrobe. Pair this up with a motorcycle jacket and a long silver chain and you already have a grunge look going on. If you want to take this into a more feminine role pare it up with a jewel toned 3/4 sleeve length cardigan and stacked bracelets. Don’t forget a colorful scarf!

Shoes – That aren’t Boots!

UGG boots are so cliche. I wanted to add something a little retro in my closet this fall. I was searching around Walmart’s shoe collection. Let’s face it, they’re cheap and more often than not look cheap as well. BUT! Walmart is stepping up their game. I don’t know how new Mo Mo is as a brand but I haven’t seen them offered at Walmart before. I found this after showing my sister some other Mo Mo shoes. I love the little cutouts on the sides and especially the thicker heel. Anyone that knows me, knows I’m horrible in high heels. I love this and I might be adding it to my collection. Especially at the affordable price of $29.00!

Pastel is In

The pastel trend for this fall is slowly growing on me. I first saw the fawn sweatshirt at Target and fell in love with it’s cuteness. It says that it’s not available in stores, but I wouldn’t be so sure about that because I saw it with my own eyes! Check out my Instagram for pictures to prove it. 😉 I’m starting to see more cute things like the Underlay Cardigan outfit above. I would buy that whole set. Love! It’s definitely peeking my interest in the pastel side of this fall season.

~*~Have you started shopping for fall? What are you excited to wear? Let us know!~*~

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One Response to Fall is Around the Corner

  1. Kris says:

    Just saw the commercial on tv last night, went to Pier 1 to get their Ashville dinner plates. Didn’t have all I needed so ordered from the store– free shipping. !!

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