[Review] Elf Cosmetics Snow White Beauty Book

Unless you have been living under a rock, and no offense if you have, there is a new Disney/make up mash up happening. Your local Walgreen’s may or may not have these sets out, but Disney Princesses and Elf. Yes, PLEASE!

Lauren purchased the Ariel collection when she came out the end of June, since her Walgreen’s wasn’t carrying it at the time. Then instagram exploded with news that a Snow White version was now out. Had. To. Get. While she isn’t my favorite Princess, (if they come out with Belle…omg. SWARMING) I thought her colors were very wearable! Some people were saying that it wouldn’t release until September, or that it was releasing in waves, so I ventured over and hoped for the best.

SUCCESS. I love my Walgreens!

They even had the make up bags that I was unaware of! How cute!

Took a quick swatch on my arms to see how they looked:

To the Left are swatches that are primed with the included eye primer. Right is un-primed.

Whole lookbook. On the side with the mirror is where the directions are for creating a face that ‘is the fairest of them all’.

When I tried to create the look in the book, I had a hard time blending the colors with out it turning into a brownish sparkly mess. They do stay surprisingly well, and the blush (not swatched, opps!) give a really cute flush on my cheeks. The lip gloss is actually very wearable! I was thinking it was going to be an opaque red, but at comes out a sheer berry pink. Worst color? My Prince. I just couldn’t get it to show up well with out millions of  swipes. Best color? Its a tie between I’m Wishing and Heigh-Ho, both are very pigmented!

I really hope they go through all the princesses!!


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