[Inspiration] From an Outfit to a Room

So I have done a Their Way/ My Way post in which I take a pretty picture and recreate it with similar pieces so you can re create it. Well in continuing with that theme I decided to take an outfit and create a room around that. Its a bit harder to come up with pieces yourself then scouring the internet for a dupe.

They do say you should dress your self in the same manner as you would dress a room, so here is to design!

My inspiration picture:

Photo Credit: PolishedPearls

Shall we dissect? Yes, yes we shall.

First thing I notice is a ton of different textures and patterns. That’s what keeps your eye moving through out the photo.  With out the pink puffer vest it is still a nice outfit, but the pink pulls in a bit of the pink from the plaid underneath. The gold bracelets and watch pull in from the puffer vests zipper and the hardware  of the purse. The jeans are a neutral and help ground your eyes. And that necklace brings a bit of glam, lumber jack chic maybe?

With the bold pink I had a feeling of doing a Tween/Teen Bedroom. Maybe I want this bedroom too…but you won’t tell anyone. Right?



A little lot glam, but I couldn’t help myself. And apparently there is no such thing as tasteful pinkish plaid, so I went a little more ‘tribal/eclectic’ then ‘lumberjack prep’. I also may be drooling over that bed frame. I was thinking about spraying it gold, but I like the solid feeling of the original iron. It keeps the room from being too precious.

Bed Frame // Sheets // Chandelier // Panton Chair // Sheepskin Rug // Chevron Sham // Arrow Pillow // Ikat Pillow //Spotted Pillow // Throw Blanket // Gold Table // Floor Mirror // Floor Lamp // Floor Pouf //

What do you guys think? Want to see more of these type posts? I really enjoy putting these together and all the challenges they create. This one was especially fun for the freedom it gives me to pick the pieces I think would work. And as a bonus, this time around everything is available! Hurray for Overstock!

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