Times are A’ Changin’

This post has been in the process for a while.

I haven’t been quite sure how to put this all down into words. I use this blog mainly as a source of inspiration, but I also use this as a type of diary as well.

While I don’t know any of my followers personally, I do feel as though if you are following us you have some interest in our lives. And mine has changed dramatically. Sorry there is no easy way to talk about this and if this makes you uncomfortable, regular programming will continue shortly.

Christian and I have decided to mutually separate. Our reasons are our own, but we are remaining civil and friends.

I have had a little while to process it and I think that it is going to be the beginning of something GREAT.

Originally, we had planned to move in April to go to Oklahoma to finish school and be closer to family. Well, my timeline has been bumped up and I plan to be moving at the end of August. So be on the look out for moving tips! I’ll be (hopefully) going to Oklahoma University for Interior Design.

At lot of things are changing in my life with some being good, some being very unexpected. We are in a mad rush to finish the house projects up so we can put it on the market. I am sad to see this house go but I knew this wasn’t going to be our forever home. Thankfully there is a great market in our neighborhood, so resale won’t be as stressful as it once was.

But that is what has been going on over in West Coast; I guess I will have to become Mid West Coast now, huh.



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2 Responses to Times are A’ Changin’

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  2. Well said. I wish you both the best!

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