H&M Has A Home Store

Is that old news? I feel like it’s old news, but new to me!

I have loved shopping at H&M as it has cheap basics but also because if you looking for something trendy -but don’t want teenie bopper sizes- H&M has a great selection of clothing. I remember actually getting my first item of clothing from them while shopping in Paris, a little black tiered dress. The US just got the ability to order/purchase online (yes!) and sometimes I just forget to look at the site as my nearest H&M is only 20 minutes away.

But guys.


From what I can tell is that they run a major collection (spring, summer, holidays…) with just a few basics thrown in there. So you need something trendy for you home? H&M has got you covered. Here are a few of my favorites, a their way/my way dupe too!
Dwell Studio's Version
Dwell Studio’s Version


Cute storage basket!

Comes in Brass or Copper!

Add a little texture to your sofa.

How cute are those plates that look like marble!? They have whole place settings too!


Take a browse through the site it has such cute things, whats your favorite?

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