Sephora Natural Instincts Palette Review


I’ve had this palette for a long time. Probably going on two years? It was the first piece of Sephora branded makeup I bought with some birthday money. I used it for a bit when I first got it, but then became distracted with other makeup. I simply forgot about it. I didn’t really know how to use it to it’s full potential.

I recently looked through my makeup in an effort to spring clean and I found it again. I debated whether or not it should take the plunge… I’m glad I decided against it. I swatched the whole palette and was astonished at the colors! Why didn’t I do this before?! I never really knew what some of the shades looked like. Shades I thought I’d never use, I feel like I’d use more now.

The pictures below are two passes of each color on unprimed skin. The color “cream” is a bit hard to see because it’s pretty much my skin tone. I never would have used it before, but now that I know the world of blending, it’s a must in my arsenal.


I have some very positive things and some negatives to say overall about this palette. Now that I have a little more beauty guru knowledge…. Here are my thoughts:

Side One

Pearl – Iridescent. Buttery smooth with good coverage. Iridescent with pinks and blues. Overall very nice, a good underbrow highlighter.

Cream – Matte. Chalky, but a great blending shade for my skintone. It would be hard to use it on its own as an eyeshadow on my skin.


Desert – Shimmer. This color has a lot of fallout! I love the light coppery shimmer sand color, but the fallout is so bad. Highly recommend using this with a setting spray and tapping off any excess. Another tip would be finish your eyeshadow look with this color first then set your foundation.

Wood – Matte. Another color I would have never used before. This matte color would be great as an eyeliner or a color to deepen the crease.

Dusty Rose – Shimmer. For being a shimmer color this one didn’t have as much fallout. It was tighter in consistency but I still recommend using a setting spray or applying this wet.

Sea Green –  Iridescent. Another color I did not use effectively! Put this over a white base and it will pop brown eyes like no other! There are iridescent shades of lighter green and teal mixed up on this light blue-green base. I’m a new fan. It’s definitely a smoother finish than desert and dusty rose, but still has shimmer!

Cool Grey- Shimmer. This would make a great blending shade for a smokey eye look. It is more buttery than the other shimmer shades with the same consistency as sea green.

Side Two


Ivory – Iridescent.  This is a great inner corner/highlighter shade. It’s a little chunky/chalky so working with water or a setting spray is recommended!

Wheat – Shimmer. This is a warmer shade of Dusty Rose. It looks more of a caramely brown. I feel like this would be a great as a blending crease shade for a summer/coppery look.

Buff – Matte. This shade is a darker version of Cream. It’s a light taupe color and would be a great blending shade for slightly darker skin tones. I would use this as a buffing shade for more natural looks.

Sandy Brown –Matte. The darkest brown matte color in this palette. It would be good for a matte shade in the outer V.

Khaki – Shimmer. Using this, buff, and wheat would make a great copper eyeshadow look. It’s another one with the horrible fallout, but if you tap off the excess and use a spray it should work fine for you!

Turquoise – Shimmer. This is a similar color to Sea Green except that it doesn’t have the light green shimmer. It has more of the teal and turquoise and it sets on very well.

Deep blue –Matte. Before I read the color I assumed that this color was black. It is a DEEP blue. Blended out on my hand it still looks black. I think that this color, if you want to use it as a deep blue, would be best mixed with either sea green or turquoise to get some of the blue color back. If you want to keep it matte than add a bit of the cream color to it as well. Like with the other matte’s this is a bit chalky. Use water or a setting spray! 🙂


Have you used Sephora branded products before? Are there better eyeshadow palette’s out there they make with a similar color range I should try? Let me know! I’m always looking to save some money and try new things!

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One Response to Sephora Natural Instincts Palette Review

  1. Cool palette! Sea Green is such a neat color. Love the look at the end, you’re gorgeous, darlin’! 🙂

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