Design ADD

You know you look at something for so long you are tired of looking at it? That’s how I feel with these kitchen doors. I have 2 doors left, the 2 in the middle above the microwave, and the desire to get the sander out is about 0. I think a part of it includes my work hours being bumped from 20 to 39 hours a week, and another part is dealing with AZ summer. The only plausible time to paint is about 9pm-6am. Not really prime time to paint but I am powering through it.


The topic of this post for me is about finding design style. As someone who is studying Interior Design, I can appreciate a lot of different styles and the thoughts that go into designing each one. This doesn’t mean that I necessarily want them in my own home, but I can appreciate a well designed room. Yes, I am looking at you plaid sofa at the hunting lodge. Growing up, our mother had a hatred for all things Brown. She decorated our house in grays, cream and greens and it was a lovely, beautiful Transitional home.

The first time I moved out, that’s the feeling I wanted to emulate. The lived in, not perfect but not messy vibe. Transitional, for those that don’t know “refers to a blend of traditional and contemporary styles, midway between old world traditional and the world of chrome and glass contemporary; incorporating lines that are less ornate than traditional designs, but not as severely basic as contemporary lines. As a result transitional furniture designs are classic, timeless, and clean.” Thank Wikipedia.

It just feels like home, right? But to me it also feels safe; safe as in everyone is pleased, no risks taken, no spark of imagination.

I want a room where I smile every time I walk in. I want to look at my residence and say, ‘yes, this is the outward expression of my inner mind. This is what makes me happy’.

As I was taking one of my Design classes, we had to create a notebook. On the front of the note-book we had to put a picture of an image that described us. In 2010, this was what I though my style was. This was the photo that I looked at and said, ‘yes, I want it all’.

Uhh, WHAT? How has my style changed so drastically? 4 years ago, clean lines and monochrome palette was what I was craving. I mean, I still like the picture. I like the wooden chair and art work, but it looks cold. I would be afraid to mess things up. Heaven forbid if my dog did some ‘nose art’ on those windows I would have to clean everyday.

What am I feeling right now? Pretty much the polar opposite:

The clean white walls. The girly pieces with out it being about frills. Mixing textures and colors and shapes. Just finding the things that make me and not caring if they don’t go exactly together.

That’s what I want. A place to take risks, and not worry about whether ‘design rules’ say you can or can’t put these items together. Isn’t that what finding your style is all about? To go through the safe route and if it works for you then great, if not, go on to the next thing! After all the smallest changes can make the biggest differences.



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  1. Love the pastels!!! It’s only paint!!

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