East Coast: Lip Product Addict TAG

The lovely POGGEMANCARO tagged us to do the Lip Product Addict Tag!

This is going to be interesting for me because I cannot for the life of me get in a habit where I constantly reapply lipstick. This is not to be confused with someone who hates lipstick. I love the way it looks on my lips, I just am so busy and on the go that applying lipstick is the LAST thing on my mind. I’m hoping this list makes me rethink my lipstick priorities. 😉

Favorite Balm/Treatment

eos Lip Balm is my favorite lipbalm so far. I currently have the tangerine and strawberry sorbet. The strawberry one sits at the bottom of the stairs and I reapply when I go up or come down to keep my lips soft! SEE… I’m always on the move!  I’ve tried Burt’s Bee’s and the traditional Chapstick brands before but I must admit I have given into the eos craze. They have a Dragonfruit that came out as a limited edition and I’m trying to tell myself I don’t need it….. but I do. Right?

Best Eye-Catching RED

I am very much in love with the red lipstick I got from ipsy. Mirenesse in FirstKiss is a creamy application and true rich red. It is glossy but not overpowering like a tube gloss. I have a close second with elf’s red matte lipstick but the soft sheen of the creamier lipstick wins out.

Best Luxury

I don’t really have a LOT of money to spend on luxury products. I believe in quantity! I can get 6-7 decent quality products for the price of 1 expensive luxury product. This tag did make me think that it might be okay to splurge a littttle bit on a luxury lipstick, if I keep up with my goal of actually wearing it more often…

Below is a picture of BareMineral’s Marvelous Moxie in “Get Ready”. (Does it count? It’s about $18.00 without shipping…haha) I received it, again, as a sample size from my ipsy bag. It looks almost raisin in the tube but swatches a beautiful burnt red-orange on my skin. I’m a fan of the texture. Smooth like butter and lasts a long time.

Best Drugstore

This is so nostalgic that I just have to share two pictures. I know there are all sorts of pinterest pictures that say lipsticks should only last about 18 months. Bullcrap. I have had this since high school. Let that soak in. Without giving away my age… that is OVER 10 years ago. This does the opposite on my skin. Looks burnt orange in the tube but swatches a beautifully warm pink on my skin. Super shiny without being “fake” and for $.99 (back in the day)… though to beat!

I MEAN LOOK AT THIS. Late 90s Gold.

Best MAC Lipstick

So…I might have to cheat a little here and just give you my “if I would get one” daydream MAC lipstick. I don’t have one right now. I have been eyeballing some MAC lipsticks, though. I want to get a good soft pink neutral. Something I could wear with ANYTHING so I can get the most use out of it. Currently I’m eyeing “Snob”. Think it would work??

Most Disappointing

I have to say that e.l.f’s Lip Balm SPF15 in the color “Pink” is not doing it for me. It’s trying hard! I put it on and I instantly feel peppermint oil or some sort of menthol. It wasn’t advertised as “cooling” or “refreshing” so I wasn’t the wiser until I put it on my lips. I’m really sensitive to it so I can sort of “feel” something is different. I keep it around for those days I want something really sheer on my lips. If your asking why I don’t just throw it out?… Sorry I’m a pack rat. “I’ll find a use for that!”

Liner? Yes or No?

Being that I don’t wear lipstick often… let alone liner. I’m going to go with no. I did purchase one liner to use when I had a darker lipstick, I can’t seem to find it. Soooo. It must have been taken away by the gremlins in my house! Otherwise, everyday answer, nope! Too much time!

Best Gloss

I recently picked up this little guy in a benefit deluxe sample kit from Sephora. I love the micro-fine iridescent glitter and the sheer coverage. It makes my lips look plump without all the needles and extra work. Smells great and tastes great! Don’t lie ladies.. you know you’ve tasted lipgloss.. intentionally or otherwise!

Something Extra

I highly recommend NYX’s Extra Creamy Lipstick in Celene. This is a GREAT lipstick highlighter. I love using a somewhat darker lip color and using Celene just inside the center of my mouth on the pout of my lower lip. A few smacks and it instantly changes the outcome of the original color. Let me know if you’d like to see some looks with it!


I hope some of you guys will join us in this tag! It was fun for me to do and swatch some colors I haven’t used in a while. If your name is below, join us in this tag!


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