Disney Overload

I want to go to the DisneyWorld Food and Wine Festival SO BAD this year. Like SO BAD. You have no idea. It has been a ritual now when June/July hits to get excited about the inevitability of September-October at Disney. If you’re not familiar with the activities that go on at DisneyWorld during this time… let me educate you! This would be seriously the BEST time to go if you’re an adult couple/group with no kids.

Disney’s Not So Scary Halloween Party 2014
Magic Kingdom® Park
Select Nights
September 01 – October 31, 2014

Their website describes it as: “The tone of the party is “not-so-scary,” which means children of all ages can enjoy it.” Which is true. Characters are in Halloween costumes, the Haunted House ride is extra spookey, and rides are open late for you to enjoy while in costume! My sister and I enjoyed going last year because we could run around and collect candy at stations like little kids. It also lets you be creative in your costume. The first year we went as Day of the Dead dolls and the second time we went as hipster Ariel and Ursula.

Disney’s Food and Wine Festival 2014
Valid Park Admission Required
September 19 – November 10, 2014

Plan a double whammy and go on the same weekend that Disney’s Food and Wine Festival is going on. Basically it’s a smorgasburg of food and spirits around the different countries in Epcot. There are “Food Passports” that show the menu of what is happening at each country and you can get your passport stamped for trying something. You could also do what Stephanie and I did and just get it stamped anyways… 😉

The best part for me about the Food and Wine Festival is that the portions are smaller but still enough to share. For example. My husband and I got some grilled MahiMahi over seasoned rice and beans. It was $5 but enough for us both to share. Even more convenient was filling a wrislet giftcard with the amount we wanted to spend on food. That way we could just keep a hold of it on our wrist and not worry about digging in and out of our purse/wallet for our card each time. Plus look how cute 2013’s design was!

I hope that I’ve inspired some of you to plan an adult vacation get away at one of the happiest places on Earth! If you have any questions on how we planned our trip feel free to reach out to me on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter.

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