West Coast Empties

I am pretty sure Christian thinks I am crazy. I have had empty product packaging for months so I could accumulate enough to do a post. I think we are both glad to get rid of them! So lets see what I have used up all the way to the end!

L’OREAL Nature’s Therapy Hair Mask for Dry Hair. Got to say I loved this stuff. I used to use the Pantene Beautiful Lengths hair repair, but I hadn’t been able to find that line in a while so I went into Sally’s and pretty much said hook me up. Smelled like nature? I don’t know how to describe it. Floral with a hint of green? You all know what green smells like, so don’t act like you don’t. Would I buy it again? Oh, yeah. I love this stuff. I have been out for quite a while now and I don’t know if it is just me but I feel like I need to deep condition again.

CREST 3D White Luxe -Glamorous White. Oh yeah, toothpaste. I loved the taste of this toothpaste. I don’t like the peppermint flavors and Glamorous White isn’t really a good flavor describer, but it was a lovely spearmint taste. The new one I got to replace it is Radiant White I think from the same line and I don’t like it as much. But oh well, it will be gone soon. As for the whitening capabilities? I actually think this one works well. I also use a home bleaching kit, but this is a good thing for maintenance. Fun Fact: Remember when Crest had the ‘fun’ flavors of toothpaste? I saw them again recently as chocolate mint, cinnamon, and vanilla, but back in the day I think they had an Orange one that was my absolute favorite. Buy it again? For sure! As long as I get the Glamorous flavor!

OLAY Complete moisturizer with SPF 15 Sensitive Skin. This is my Holy Grail moisturizer. It doesn’t make my skin tacky after I use it. It doesn’t make me break out. Absorbs quickly. No noticeable scent. I can’t say good enough things about this product. Buy it again? DUH.

REVLON Brow Fantasy and ELF Mascara Duo. I love me some brow fantasy. The color I have, Dark Blonde, was a bit reddish when applied, but that might have been due to the light hand I was using. I loved the dual ended application with the gel on the other end. I just couldn’t get the pencil to sharpen any lower! Buy it again? Maybe. I know it works, but I would like to try other products. ELF mascara duo on the other hand was a dud. Both sides were pretty dried out, and I like drier formulas. They lasted maybe 3 uses before I was done with them and going back to L’oreal Million Lashes. Buy it again? Nope.

SUAVE Dry Shampoo and NOT YOUR MOTHERS Clean Freak Dry Shampoo. Both are great options…FOR LIGHTER HAIR. The NYM came of extremely white after it set for a little bit. Right now that’s ok because my roots have grown in a bit, but when my hair was a bit darker it took some brushing through to get it to blend well. the NYM also had a weird smell to me. Not quite laundry, but not soapy either? It was weird, but it did the job. SUAVE has a lovely pineapple scent though that made my hair smell nice. Christian even mentioned it once or twice. Would I buy? Suave, maybe. NYM, no. There are tons of dry shampoos now, I want to try on formulated for brunettes or a clear version.

SECRET Outlast Invisible Solid. Hey, who wants to be all sweaty? Not me! I actually have a prescription antiperspirant that I use once a week. Yeah, it’s that potent. And yeah, I sweat through it sometimes. It has a lot of heavy metals in it so I try to not over use it and I have been on a hunt for a good stick deodorant for a long while. Sadly, this one works alright. Not the best. Buy it again? Probably not. The one I replaced it with, Secret Clinical Strength Clear Gel, is wonderful. Even through gym workouts I still smell like lavender.

And that’s all! 800+ words on trash! I have a couple of things that I am almost done with: face washes, liquid liners, and soaps. I am almost done with this body wash that I HATE. I hate the smell. What is it you ask? Cucumber Melon. Hate it. I know everyone loves the smell, but I can’t stand it. Christian wont use it because it makes his skin ‘feel weird’ after using it. So here I am trying to use this product up because there is no reason to dump it because it smells weird. But after going through 3, COSTCO size bottles of this stuff over the past year I am SO ready to get a new body wash. One that smells like almonds.



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4 Responses to West Coast Empties

  1. christinajavete says:

    I love reading your reviews on your empties. ❤ I'm actually in need for a new toothpaste, and I had my eye on one of the new Crest toothpastes!! I think they are up to like mega-extreme white, lol, and I'd still like to try it!!

  2. Go Beauty By Liza says:

    the Not Your Mother’s brand is one of my fav! Their sea salt spray is amazing!

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