Staircase Picture Frame Project

I’ve decided to take my own twist on a Pinterest Craze. The Staircase of Picture Frames. My intent is to do something that somewhat…loosely resembles these:

So let’s start off the next paragraph by talking about a little known fact. Pinterest is perfect. It is so hard to recreate these things you see on the boards. They’re great ideas though, don’t get me wrong! I just can’t ever seem to fully re-create anything I find on pinterest. I might have even set the bar too high with this project. I envision a cascading wall of photos going up my staircase. Showcasing our family, friends, and what means the most, each other. My husband and I are the focus of the wall (obviously), but I have also added our cat, Soup and our recent trip to Disney.

Since the lighting at 10PM at night is not the best, here are some close ups of the collage photos:

This is the view from the bottom of the stairs. The lower ones are on purpose because I plan on puttin one of those vinyl sayings in the empty void. Now to pick which saying I want?? There are so many choices luckily Michaels has been on point with discounts lately. Or I could just look through Amazon and buy one through there. Thinking this one or this?

I hope to also find some decorative pieces to add in the voids. Any ideas? Is this a Pinterest fail? What are your ideas??

BTW Soup decided to come make an appearance!


Hope you had a relaxing weekend. Here’s to a short week!

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