A New Contender in the Arena

Hey, guys! We got shelf type things happening in our Kitchen Makeover! Warning: Picture heavy post ahead!

On Sundays, Christian and I take our dog Malfoy on a long walk to Basha’s (it’s a AZ grocery store). It is about 3 miles round trip and they have delicious doughnuts that make it all the sweeter. And a Starbucks, that helps too. But as the summer progresses, we have to get up earlier and earlier to beat the heat! We got our butts up at 6 AM and by 8 AM when we got home it was already 80! Since we were already up and at ’em we started with the kitchen.

Started by painting another thin and even coat on the doors that we had already started here.

Since we had 4 hours to kill, that is the minimum recommended time before recoat, I got my tape measure out and got the dimensions we needed for the shelves. Before we left we had to decide if we wanted to paint or stain the lumber.



All links (and more!) can be found on my Pinterest: Kitchen and Dining

Both are so pretty! But we decided to go with stain mainly for the durability. While I don’t doubt my paint job capabilities, these shelves are going to be getting a lot more use with a lot more items moving around.

So we got the stain down, but what color? We toyed with color matching it to the base cabinets, but I really liked the ‘natural’ look in all the previous pictures so that’s what we went with. The color we chose was Rustoluem’s Color Stain in Wheat. Then it was whether we wanted floating shelves or shelving with brackets. As I talked in the last post we did end up going to IKEA and purchasing these:

While we liked the black color, we both loved the metal look brackets. So while we were getting lumber at Lowe’s we grabbed a can of Rustoleum Dark Bronze Hammered spray paint.

A few quick thin and even coats and bam! So metal!

Mounting is going to have to wait a few days while this and the boards cure in the garage.

Onto staining the shelving.

I was looking for the Minwax Stain and Poly in one, but for some reason couldn’t find it in Lowes. But what I did find was a ‘new to me’ 2 step program that caught my eye. It is called Ultimate Wood Stain and Ultimate Polyurethane. I think these just got repackaged, but I like that the wood stain also had a wood conditioner added. One coat coverage and one hour until poly also made it an easy decision.

Other items needed for this application: Old worn out sock and I used some plastic gloved to try to keep my hands clean.

It’s a pretty simple process to stain. I started by sanding both the planks with my palm sander to get the cut edges smoothed down and then to remove the milled edge from it too.

Always read the instructions on the can. Stain in the direction of the wood grain. Get Zen about it.

Haha, sorry. Foothand makes me laugh. The longer you look at it the more it looks like I am actually using my foot to stain.

Wait and hour and time for the poly. I just used a new sock to apply the poly. It had a milky consistency and didn’t smell super strong which was nice. Although if you left a blob and didn’t clean it in time it doesn’t dry clear. Just a warning. The can does state to do at least 3 thin coats as the product wasn’t designed for one thick coat.

After one coat of stain and three coats of poly I came to this:

I like that the poly really just gives the smoothness and protective finish with out it looking too shiny. Although if you wanted, they make a semi-gloss and a gloss finish. I bet that gloss would give it a resin/lacquer finish.

We flipped the cabinet doors again to keep on painting the each side. Its the process that never ends.


And that wraps up just one day of work! Ended the day by ordering a pizza and drank some soda. We deserved it!



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One Response to A New Contender in the Arena

  1. It’s really coming along!! We found out that you need several coats of the “hammered ” finish paint for the “hammered” effect.

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