San Diego Day 2 – Memory Lane

My husband never knew me when I lived in what I call my hometown. I used this trip not only as a vacation but a way to show my husband the “stomping grounds” of where I grew up with my sister who writes the other half of this blog.


The hotel lobby had a delish breakfast of bagels, yogurt, and fruit. We drove up early after a morning of coffee on the beach. Our hometown was about 40 minutes away from where our hotel was. We got there too early (I guess things are close until later even on the west coast), so we had coffee at Bad Ass Coffee.


Have you heard of Nordstroms Rack? There’s one where our Mervyn’s used to be. (10 points if you ever shopped there!!) Since the town still wasn’t awake yet we decided to go shopping there at 10 and I ended up scoring a long sleeve Under Armour cold weather gear shirt for $12 and the following makeup items:


Urban Decay Greed Eyeshadow Primer – it has a very pigmented gold shimmer that sticks all day even through my gym work outs. I could see using this on its own too.
Urban Decay – Heavy Metal gold liquid eyeliner. Great way to add a little fun sparkle to an eye look. My only warning is that it takes a while to dry. Blink and you’ll get it on your lids!!
stila sparkling eyeliner in Emerald. I haven’t found this on their website. Maybe it’s a limited edition?
NYX buffing brush.

Not a bad little haul!

Once things had opened up we went to a local festival celebrating Cinco De Mayo. I remember performing in this festival when I was in High School. While not an impressive San Diego landmark it is my hometown and my memories. And I loved being able to share them with my husband.


The memories continued to a stop at Bobalicious to get my favorite Boba Tea smoothie. I even got him to be adventureous and try out a slush version! 


We ended the evening with another delicious dinner in Seaport Village (a great recommendation by my sister Stephanie). We ate at The Harbour House where I took the picture below and put it up on Instagram. The restaurant liked it so much they reposted my photo on their twitter account! How cool.


Hope you enjoyed a little glimpse in my life. Might not be interesting to some people but I love it!

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