Travel Favorites

There are a few staples I have to have when traveling. A few items include:

1.) Hair Straightener
2.) Hair Tie
3.) Comfy pants
4.) Socks

But that stuff is boring. Let’s get to the fun stuff!

I can’t say much for the shampoo and conditioners they give you in hotels these days.  Unless you’re staying in a 5 star hotel don’t expect the best quality. (Still don’t forget to grab them each night for backups!) I picked up these baby travel sized shampoo and conditioner at Target. Let me tell you my hair loves it! Hubby is even a fan of the scent. My hair is shiner and feels healthy after 3 nights of using it (almost a week with the way I wash my hair). A++ product.


The bars of soap at hotels…I can honestly say there has only been one hotel I’ve been to that has even remotely come close to passable in body wash/body soap…. and they cheated. They used a mini bottle of Bath and Body Works shower gel! I decided not to chance it and purchased a travel size of Dove’s Cool Refreshing Cucumber and Green Tea body wash. It’s fantastic. Creamy constancy. Lathers well (I used it as shave cream because I forgot to pack mine!) and the smell lasted a long time. 


Travel sized products are a great way to try something that you might want to get a full size of.  For example; I’ve always wanted to try the shampoo/conditioner but didn’t want to shell out the extra money over pantene for something relatively smaller for the same price. Anyways. Long story short I’m less concerned about the quality after being able to try the smaller *less expensive* option. 


Have you tried Clean and Clears Morning Burst facial scrub? Stephanie has used this before and I recently tried it on my travels. It makes my skin tighter and shiny. Like a fresh layer of skin. Don’t know how much it “burst” but the beads are a good exfoliation on my skin.


Overall I’m really happy with the travel sized purchases. What have you traveled with lately that is new to you? I would love to hear your tips!


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