Glassware Searching

Now that we are going to have open shelving in the kitchen, it means that I get to go shopping! We do already own a large glass tumbler set from my Grandma, but I think they are getting too fragile. Sometimes I’ll put a drink in one of them and if it is too cold they will shatter! Also, our cat Barney is a jerk and likes to jump up on the counters. In light of all that, and the fact that we still wanted the open shelves, I am on the hunt for some Acrylic Glassware.

Christian and I go through a lot of drink glasses in a day. I know we should probably keep one glass and rinse it through out the day, but I can barely keep track of were my phone is on any given occasion. Don’t make me track a drink cup down too!

So far, we have a couple of contenders:

1. World Market Acrylic Tumblers

I love the colored glasses that they have and they are all reasonably priced!

2. Crate & Barrel Acrylic Tumblers

Crate and Barrel have TONS of really cute acrylic glasses, bonus: Not as expensive as you might think. No more than 6 bucks!

Since I have moved the dishes of choice have been Correll for their unbreakability. Unless you put a steak on it and the cats decide it’s better for them on the floor…THEN they are breakable. So I have been super excited to get grown-up, read: breakable, dishes. When my parents were last out we made our pilgrimage to IKEA and I got two sets of these lovelies:


Also picked up these larger flatter bowls. They make great pasta or salad bowls and we use them on the regular.

Other than that the only thing that I have been thinking about is spice containers. Exciting I know. But I see all these pictures with cute containers and I just go GIMME!

These spices from Target’s branch, Archer Farms, have really cute glass bottles. I can see them all lined up in a row! Amazon also carries empty jars that I can fill my self, but the spice jars I have, I had for the past 4 years so I think they are past their prime anyways.


Does anyone else do things like this? Find the pretty jars? I mean, I am going to stare at them, so I might as well make them nice to look at!

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One Response to Glassware Searching

  1. I’ve been refilling my empty glass spice containers with the small spice containers. Since spices are so expensive, I don’t like throwing out a bunch. You know the cats are going to inspect the items on the shelf. Get acrylic!!!

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