This Day Was Easy

Day 3 was pretty easy.

I started by filling in the holes and a few seams with wood filler. My favorite brand to use is the Elmer’s ProBond

It has a really smooth feel when applying and sands extremely well.

After it had dried I went and did a light sanding to see if I would need any more in any of the spots, but it all turned out alright.

Next I cleaned the boxes. You can use something like TSP but I wanted to find something not so chemical-y to use. What I ended up doing was cleaning the boxes with some all-purpose cleaner to get rid of any junk and sawdust. Then I came in and wiped them down with deglosser as well so I didn’t need to sand the boxes, but with kitchens being used a lot in the day to day life I want this paint job to stick to these cabinets so I am going to be sanding them, too.

The rest will have to be done later as I didn’t want to wake Christian. Nothing like a palm sander to interrupt someone’s sleep.



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2 Responses to This Day Was Easy

  1. check out your storage baskets / boxes / how many glasses stacked together before you get your shelf height

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