A Curvy Woman’s Beach Attire

I won’t be super model skinny this year. Heck I probably wont’ be supermodel skinny like.. ever. The fact of the matter is I like food. SO Anyways… Let’s talk about how you can still feel fashionable with curves.

Let me start off by saying DON’T BE AFRAID! Don’t be afraid to wear color! Don’t be afraid to wear a two piece! Don’t feel shy. There are plenty of people on the beach or in the beach community that do not have “perfect” bodies. You are your own type of perfect. OWN it!

Here are some of my ideas that might get your imagination running about curvy approved, fashionable pieces. Enjoy!

Are you going to be staying at the beach for a few days on Spring Break and need some casual outfit ideas? Show off some skin but still feel confident by wearing a slightly longer short. I went with my friend Bre to Old Navy and was really impressed with the rolled shorts. I got the 3.5″ short but there is also a 5″ short as well! I highly recommend checking them out when you can!

I hope you’re having a great weekend. Relax tonight and prepare for a new week!

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One Response to A Curvy Woman’s Beach Attire

  1. Makes me wanna be there!

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