Life Update 2.0

As I sit here, typing this out on my iPad still, I have been reflecting on my life in the past few weeks. Joy, stress, calm, frustration, anxiety and rightness have all been feelings that I have felt at least once so far. If you follow our Instagram, you will have known that my husband has come back from his deployment, and on his birthday no less! The days leading up to his return were filled with cleaning and preparation for his arrival. Since he was flying commercially, I was able to make him a cute Welcome Home sign to great him at the airport with.


I also managed to drive the 40 miles to the airport with a dozen balloons and I wasn’t blinded! Thank goodness for towels. But after 4 stops and probably 36+ hours of travel, Christian made it home.

I had the house decorated for his arrival.




I am very proud of him and us; long deployments are hard on both parties and I am just very glad he is home. I had a few days off work and we spent the few days getting things done around the house. And the first order of business was to buy a new car for Christian as he sold his other ones before he left.


We spent another day at Lowes getting items for a big kitchen update. Cough cough.

And then today, for Easter, we had a lovely brunch at Flemings and we are just enjoying being together.

I hope that those who are celebrating have had a blessed day, and even if you are not, enjoy your day with loved ones.


Bonus picture of the balloons and the sad looking Malfoy:

From my house to yours!


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