Empties! Current Empties from East Coast

All of these ran out around the same time! I have been hoarding them so I could do a post with a bunch of them at one time. I wanted to share with everyone what I liked and maybe didn’t like about all of the products I ran out of.

 1. Bath and Body Works – Pink Champagne

This must be discontinued! I couldn’t find it on their website. The closest I could find was some groups on ebay selling it. Example: here. I loved this scent and it lasted me quite a while. I think it had something to do with it being pink and my husband being afraid to use it. Hahah! I loved the smell, although it wasn’t a strong champagne scent. It was sweet and just slightly fruity in smell to me. I have nothing bad to say about this other than it seems to be sold out.

2. St Ives Purifying Sea Salt Body Wash

This “exfoliating” body wash had a fresh clean scent. The kind of scent you’d expect from a bar of soap. Just refreshing. It did however have very micro-fine “exfoliating” properties. I used it mostly for the smell because there’s nothing better to me than a crisp clean smell during certain times of the month! Don’t say you can’t understand!

3.  CHI – 44 Iron Guard

I’m always straightening my hair. It’s horrible I know! But I haven’t gotten to the point in my life where I can find something to tame my messy mane. This CHI Iron Guard is great at making my hair feel healthy even after I’ve ironed the crap outta it! 🙂 I will say I noticed my hair took a lot longer to get greasier. I’m pretty sure it helped slow the process! A+!

4. Neutrogena – Triple Moisture Silk-Touch Leave-In Conditioner Cream

I am IN.LOVE.WITH.THIS. It makes my hair feel like butter and, another plus?, SUPER shiny. This product also lasted FOREVER. Ladies I’m sure I’ve had this for almost 6 months and I have long hair. I use it about 1-2 a week. Super moisturizing and heavy so I don’t use it everyday. I plan on repurchasing this item!

5. Head and Shoulders – Damage Rescue 2 in 1

Y’know how sometimes 2 in 1’s don’t always feel like there’s much conditioning going on? Well! Not this one! I never used a conditioner when using this product. I like the dandruff help. Especially during the end of winter months and beginning of spring/summer. This is when my scalp is the most confused and starts to get angry with me. I like the smell (I’m a big smell fan, can you tell), and the dandruff fighting properties worked well.

Overall I’m compeltely happy with all of my ’empties’ in this post. Out of all of them I think the one I will more than likely repurchase is Neutrogena’s Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave-In Cream. If you’re in the store anytime soon… SMELL IT. You won’t be disappointed.


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