Problems of the technological kind

I am sitting here writing this out on my tablet because my AC adapter for my laptop konked out. Which is pretty bumtastic for a couple reasons: 1. I have had the laptop for roughly 6 months. 2. WE JUST HIT 100 FOLLOWERS AND I CAN’T POST WHAT I WANT.

I have never used the WordPress app before. So uhh, let’s see how this works.

I got to go to Best Buy tomorrow to get the warranty work on my laptop started, but I got to dig for my receipt. Hopefully I find it.

So yeah, give me a few to get life sorted out. Thanks for your understanding!!!

EDIT: went to Best Buy and of course the AC adaptor isn’t covered under warranty. I could have bought a universal charger there for $80 but the Geek squad guy said just go on eBay. So I had Christian buy me one and it should be here by the 10th!


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