Color Me Rad – My First 5K

Let me start this story with the preface: I hate running. I do not have a runners body. Thick hips, large chest, heavier frame. It’s almost the complete opposite of what you’d expect a runner to look like. BUT! I do it anyways. I do it to get and stay healthy and fit. I also run to clear my head from the constant barrage of the day to day.

In High School I never, repeat NEVER, ran a mile non-stop. Never ever. Anyone reading this will know that Houl’s Hill gave me nervous breakdowns. I had even been known to fake sick when I knew it was coming.

Since 2012 I have been revamping my life style, albeit slowly. Long months and sacrifices have made some pretty significant changes for me. I no longer crave soda, I’ll have it occasionally when out and about, but at the house it’s water or juice! Anyways, basically the bottom line is I’m eating better, feeling better, and starting to look better.

50lbs lost has been my journey so far. It’s taken 2 years to keep it off. Here’s to eventually losing the last 15 and reaching my true potential!

Running a 5K was a New Years Resolution of mine from 2 years ago. Well I finally made it true today. It was a long run mentally. Not used to running on gravel, with crowds, or hills. My time was not impressive, but that just means my next 5K will be a PR. I’m not stopping at one!

Enjoy the picture dump below of my first 5K. Color Me Rad -Raleigh, NC!


Thank you to my friends and family for your support!!

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