99c Store Shopping Trip 3/30

Hey! It has been a long while since I have ventured over to the 99c store to see what they have. I was hoping for some Easter decorations and they did not disappoint!

Quaker Perfect Portions- Maple. It is like the instant oatmeal packets, but you can make a lot more at once!

Back To Nature Sunflower and Pumpkin Seed Granola. I almost missed these as I was cruzing the aisles as there were only a few bags left. Can’t wait to try it.

Car iPod Dock because mine broke 😦

RayGun AppGame. This looks really cool! I got it for a friend who has a small son and I though it would be a cute game to play. It includes the app download and you play with the little pieces on the screen of the phone. They also had like, the Nintendogs, concept but it was for iPhone only and she has an Android.

And the best. Sippy. Cup. Wine. Glasses. How awesome. They have a suction top and a straw that wont come out of the drink. I obviously had to get two. And obviously had to show it with some new wine I picked up from Sprouts.

And the second part to all this was decorations. They still had quite a bit of Easter/spring items and I was most surprised that they even had Graduation and even 4th of July stuff too. While I don’t have a need for Graduation stuff, the 4th items are going to come in handy really soon! I got a few things to decorate the house with and stuff to make some posters.

How cute is that towel and ovenmit combo! I happened to see these on the second look through because they were at the bottom of the shelf, behind some boxes piled up. Score! Got some eggs picks for the front yard and some treat bags for work. Also, this floppy sun hat. In my head, I always call them JLo hats because that is who I associate them with, but for 99c, I figured I could rock it at the pool or while I am weeding.

Also picked up some of the air fresheners that they always carry. A few for the house and for the car.

What about you guys? Getting in that spring spirit yet? I am pretty sure this blog is on SPRING overdose, but its not our fault that its the perfect season!


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One Response to 99c Store Shopping Trip 3/30

  1. So fun!! I need to stop at my local store ASAP!

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