Spring Time!

Today is the official first day of SPRING and while here in AZ we are practically in Summer already, I still love the month of March for its near perfect temperatures.

In honor of it being official I had to change-up by chalkboard doorAnd if we are being honest, I changed it probably in January. I just didn’t want to be rude and post it while everyone else was encased in snow. #sorry

As you can kind of see, the Chalk Markers that I used to do the holiday design slightly stained the door. It isn’t that noticeable in person, the camera just picks up everything.

And you can’t have a post about Spring without flowers, right?

Every time I go into Trader Joe’s, I always seem to pick up another bouquet. The one I have currently is still going strong at almost 10 days!

10 Days old!

Ahhh, I can smell the Spring air already. We have Spring Training in full swing right now and I have yet to catch a game up in this neck of the woods.

What about you guys? Changing out the winter clothes yet? Dying to put flip-flops back on? See any good movies, lately? I want to know!



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