Freeosk Update

I’ve been to the Freeosk at my local SAMs club a few times now. The idea of going in and getting something fun excites me. Don’t judge. Hahah. To catch up from a few weeks ago. We got samples of:

This is GoGo Squeeze: Applesauce contained in on the go pouches that advertise 100% natural fruit. No additives/GMOs. Vegan. Gluten Free. Kosher. Goodness.

I had to laugh when I got this as a sample because I’ve already found these and used them for a quick way to get a fruit serving while at work. They’re great at keeping me mindful of what a serving should actually be. If you’re OCD about getting every last drop out of something when you eat it; beware! There will be some left in the top that no matter how hard you suck, unless you rip this sucker open,  you’re not getting it. Hehe.

Gain Flings in Moonlight Breeze. These look a lot like the ones you would use for your dish washer so I had to do a double take when I checked the bag and it said it was for your washing machine. It works for both HE and non-HE washing machines. Top and Front loaders. It says that one pod would wash a normal sized load and two would be needed for an extra large load. Handle with dry hands (so you don’t get go all over your hand from the wash away plastic!). This boasts a 3-1 solution: Detergent + Oxi Boost + Febreeze sent. So it’ll wash it, make them super white, and smell super good! I’m doing laundry today and I’ll let you know what I think of these in an update later.

[Update: I put one in a load of laundry this morning and when I went to put them in the wash I noticed they smelt fresh, just not super fragrant, not necessarily the way I thought moonlight breeze would smell. There wasn’t a way to “smell” the scent before trying it so it’s possible the moonlight breeze scent is just a simple fresh crisp scent.]

What-do-ya-know, today’s freebie was much like last week. Tide PODS in Spring Meadow. They must be really pushing the easy 3-in-1 way to do detergents for laundry now. Its much the same as dishwasher detergent. All in one, set it and forget it. I was lucky and got 2 with my scan. WOOHOO! 🙂 A total of 5 free laundry samples. I’m using one in the wash right now. I’ll let you know if this one has a stronger scent that Gain’s version.

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  1. Good way to try before you buy!

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