February Favorites!

Shorter month and it has already blown by! But now that the month is practically over it is time for the monthly Favorites wrap-up!

1. Music! My Pandora is normally on the Top 40 station and sometimes in the rotations a newer song pops up that I haven’t heard on the actual radio! I learn to love them and then the first time I hear them in my car I rock out! Current Favorites are MKTO- ‘Classic’, CashCash- ‘Take Me Home’, and Jason Derulo- ‘Talk Dirty’

2. Teen Wolf. I know what you’re thinking, ‘It’s an MTV show, why would you watch it?’ But guys, this show is intense. It is the reboot of the movie with Michael J. Fox but so much better! The cast is, well, attractive and that is what made me watch. But, as Christian can attest, they jerk your feelings and leave you wondering what really is going on! They have episodes on Hulu, Netflix, and they have some full episodes on MTV.

3. elf Studio Flat Brush. And for a total 180 here, my favorite brush this month. I got it as a part of the Coffee Break sale and I have used it everyday I wear make up. Using it with the liquid foundation leaves my face well and truly flawless. Couldn’t have asked for a better buffing brush!

4. Just Dance 4. I had broken my HDMI a few months ago and when my parents were out to visit I put them to work to get it fixed. I thought it was going to require taking the TV down which is why I waited so long, but Dad managed to get back in there to fix it! So I have been back at playing this game. I don’t actually play the game part I use it for the Just Sweat portion. 10, 30 and 45 minute cardio workouts that aren’t running? Yes please!! I am super in love with the cardio kickboxing workout. 45 minutes and I can barely lift my arms the next day!

That’s my stand out favorites for this month! This month was a focus on entertainment I guess. Any shows you think I need to watch? I watch pretty much anything, though I can’t get into Scandal, I don’t know why.

Hope you all had a lovely February! Here comes March!!


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One Response to February Favorites!

  1. I literally just watched the Michael J Fox movie and thought, “umm this movie is even cooler than I remembered!” lol- I have yet to catch the show though!

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