Target Deals: Rugs

Lauren just messaged me a great deal going on at Target!

Needing a new rug?



Sweet! Now if you are a REDcard holder, that doesn’t mean much to you as you already get free shipping. Target online has such a WIDE range of styles and sizes and I really love the Mohawk collection. Fun brights and some sophisticated designs too. I am not actively looking for a rug, but, where I interested in a new rug here are some of my favorites.

They actually carried this rug in the 7 x 10 at my store! My mom actually texted me a picture of them to let me know about it. Great minds! 😉

Got a sunny area outside that needs some color? Or how about a durable playroom rug? Such fun and bright colors!


Gosh, that sunshine yellow would be prefect in a guest room! Accent with Teal, white and wooden furniture and it would be perfect!

The most expensive of the bunch but look out adult this rug is! Would be lovely in a dining room or even in a living room. Accessorize with pink and orange and it would make a great Master Bedroom anchor.

Another great neutral to ground a seating area!


What about my kids room, you may cry! Well I think this is a great option for a young child’s room. and at $80.00 fr a 5×7 it wont break be to horrible when it get destroyed by afternoon tea parties or lego towers.


What about you guys? In the mood for a new rug? My cats have already destroyed the one I got from Black Friday. Kitty stretches and loop pile rugs make mommy crazy. AKA I need a cut pile rug. Christian and I are looking at FLOR tiles to replace the rug as of now. but now that the rug is out of the way, the room looks so much bigger. Contemplating getting some cow hides and calling it a day.


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2 Responses to Target Deals: Rugs

  1. Kris says:

    There are soooo many choices. Any of them would look great!

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