Tax Refund Dream Sheet

Being an adult means many things but around this time of year it means taxes. Ugh! They’re often more stress than they’re worth, but it’s something you gotta get done. Well usually after all that stress and pain you get paid back. Literally! Nothing like a little tax refund to make it worth it.

I’ve got bills, I’m sure everyone does. But that won’t stop me from creating a little wish list of things I would want to get if I didn’t have all the bills. Maybe I’ll get one of these things as a nice gift for myself. Otherwise I’ll keep drooling and let you join me! 🙂 (pictures are clickable to the links where I found them)

I’m so excited that Spring is almost here! This would be the perfect cute spring inspired crossbody. hehe.

I always love Charming Charlie’s because I can go there and pick up things that will be in style at a fraction of the price. I love getting quality pieces but sometimes you just want a cute mint/seafoam Chevron watch and not have to pay $100 for it. 🙂

Because Spring is on the way I need to update my sandal closet. I completely wore out my sandals from last year. They’re just no more salvaging them. The foot bedding is peeling up, and the straps are fraying.. it’s just a hot mess. I’m going to see if these wear well and wait for them to go on sale… #dontjudge #frugalwomanshopping.

I had a Bamboo tablet several years ago. I might have lost it in my life transitions because I can’t find it anymore. I loved the Bamboo tablet, and this new Wacom Intuos tablet comes with a slew of free programs. It’s been something I’ve been wanting to get back into and high on my dream sheet.

Hubby and I have a two big trips planned for this year. His birthday is coming up in April and I “surprised” him with the idea of a trip to San Diego to visit where I grew up and take part in the festivities that I’ve missed seeing in my home town.

This summer my parents and extended family have a cruise planned! We’ll be leaving the hot and muggy North Carolina summer to spend July in Alaska touring the icebergs from the a Norwegian Cruise Ship. I’m excited, nervous for a Titanic moment, but more excited to see Alaska and take in the views and wildlife there.

Tax season may be a pain, but it will make trips like these easier! Also why not gift myself for the trouble? 🙂 hehe.

What will you be getting with the extra cash in your wallet this tax season?

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