Target Beauty Clearance

I had to get some creamer for my coffee tomorrow morning. You don’t want to be there if I don’t get my morning coffee. Hehe. So of course I have to take a gander at the beauty section. Wanted to share with you all the deals I found, didn’t buy, but thought someone else might!!


Gel nail system and polish 50% off!


Drug store clearance!!




And more brushes!!


Don’t like drug store brand? How about some Burt’s Bees?




Well you get the picture(s)!! Get out there and let me know what deals you found in your area.

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2 Responses to Target Beauty Clearance

  1. Woohoo for clearance. The clearance stuff at my Target it kinda hard to find, sometimes it’s in it’s own separate section and sometimes it’s spread throughout the regular aisles!

  2. anitasmakeup says:

    Oh I wish we had Target in England 🙂 , looks like some great deals xxx

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