House Updates..Kinda

I know that realistically I should have some progress on the kitchen front, but it seems like after my whirlwind Christmas pump up, I hit a motivation snag.

A couple of things have slowed me down:

The lack of a table saw meant some cuts on my cabinets were not as flush as I would like, which lead to me being bogged down, which lead to stopping the production. Boo.

Also another factor: solid wood cabinets are not light and trying to lift them as a single person over head, well, I go to the gym but DANG that’s still hard.

Lastly, we have custom cabinets. I have the stock size 30″ and 36″ but I have two 32″ cabinets. I didn’t even notice that they were smaller than the other side! I was trying to think as to why they made these last two 32″ but then adding up all the boxes it came to an even 10′ so I suppose I can understand the logic. But, that also leaves me not able to find anything at the local Big Boxes or ReStore/Salvage.

But as I have been moaning about my lack of table saw, Christian had already decided before he left to get one when he gets back! I have a slight aversion to getting new power tools when I am by myself. I think I just get, like, ‘Horror in the E.R.’ stories running through my head and I won’t touch what I don’t already know. #safetyfirst

So that is what is going on with the kitchen. On the flip side I have new ideas percolating on how to fix these darn flabbin rounded corners that are everywhere in this house.

Not my walls, but same rounded corner with those horrible round corner baseboard pieces. Ugh.

I have been toying with the idea of adding moulding/casing around the doorways ever since we first moved in. And now as I am trying to figure out a way to paint walls two different colors, this idea has come back. I have 4 main door ways and the kitchen pass through to cover, and then 2 in the master. We haven’t painted in the Master so there is no need for them, and we don’t know if we want to paint in there yet.

I also know that I want to beef up the mouldings around the windows too. Something that would make them look great even without curtains. I would have the same problem with the rounded corners there as well, but nothing a little joint compound can’t fix to square things off! I was thinking something along these lines:

Each doorway will probably cost in the $30-$50 range (front and back) so I am looking at $200 for the doors. Each window would probably be about the same as most are rather large, and with 5 windows and the patio casing, that’s probably going to run in the $350 range. So I can see it won’t be a cheap improvement, but I think that the impact they will give us will be well worth the cost. I can just see them now, and I may lovingly stroke the mouldings. sighhhh

Since I am pretty blessed to have most weekends off, with the occasional Saturday, I have told Christian that it is turbo time when he gets back. I thought that I would be able to get a lot done while he has been gone, but it really is a lot easier when there are two people.


1. Kitchen: Ground Zero. Needs custom-built uppers. Requires Table Saw and a second person.

2. Door Casings: Inspiration Stage. No solid plans as of yet.

This was really just a word diarrhea (sorry for the image) post just so I can get thoughts on paper. Vent some frustrations out.

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